vendredi 18 mars 2011

Huambo, Angola - 1 -

ANGOLA. Huambo. Sao-Bras neighborhood. Night is filled with ghosts shouting and gesticulating. We remain Zen and share grilled and Cuca beers with a passing friend. 

ANGOLA. Huambo. Here is the strongest man in the neighborhood of Sao Bras, blind in one eye: Chingui. Games of strength and skill are common among African children. 
And I suddenly feel a bit old:)

ANGOLA. Huambo. In Okutiuka, each kid has his own plastic bowl and does whatever he wants with it. To have a bath in mid afternoon is also an excellent option.

ANGOLA. Huambo. Whatever their age, everywhere in Africa children are water-carriers, essential for all families.

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