samedi 19 mars 2011

Sous-verres - Wooden Coasters

Tomé is one of the craftsman who worked currently with students from my Concept 1 class at Mica for a Wooden Coaster project. For that project, students have conceptualized silent comic strips. I sent these stories to Delicia Maquengo my intermediate who regularly works with Tomé and other Crafstmen. She controls the progress of the work and manages payments
 Eunjoo Bae, Doug Ellmore, Arom Kim, Seung-Hee Lee, Jessie Leet, Rebecca Mullinix, Hyo Park, Andrew Sayers, Lauren Straughn, Jonathan Wiener, Issac Wong. Thanks guys, you did a good job!
For some projects it is not so difficult to work with people who lives and works in another country and it may be beneficial for both parties. (Please, look at the previous posts to see some projects).

Charles is another young Craftsman who has been trained by Tomé. Now they work together. Their workshop is a former warehouse. But mostly, they work outdoors. They don't have any sophisticated equipment, just a fewAxes, Handsaw, Chisels, Plane, Bow Saw, etc. No electrical tools such as Jigsaw, Drilling machine, Lathe, etc. 
Despite these difficulties, they are excellent craftsmen and I really enjoy to work with them (check here to see other projects).

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