vendredi 18 mars 2011

Photography from São tomé and Prìncipe - 1 -

STP. Sao-Tome. Barbie is traveling and today she went to Africa! And you make us so happy!

STP. Angolares. She will stay at home all day to sell dried fishes. All families have their little business depending on the season and circumstances.

STP. Angolares. Carrying breadfruit in their wooden cars, kids went back from the jungle across the beach. Themselves made cars. They are all kinds.

STP. Sao-Tome. Nanda is cooking in her kitchen. Everything is fresh and natural and meals are delicious. She is the head of a large household. She is the coolest person I know despite the difficulties.

STP. Sao-Tome. Fruits sold on the roadside: Jackfruit, bananas, etc. Some people will do anything for a piece of jackfruit.

STP. Angolares. A finger dipped in ink proves that you vote on Election Day.

STP. Angolares. Political posters have been torn the election day. 

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